The Hot One: Carolyn Murnick in convo w/ Heather Havrilesky

By Museum of Broken Relationships (other events)

Saturday, August 5 2017 3:00 PM 5:00 PM

Carolyn Murnick, author of the newly released incendiary memoir The Hot One, in conversation with New York Magazine's Heather Havrilesky at the Museum of Broken Relationships, Los Angeles.

Carolyn Murnick, an editor at New York Magazine, and her childhood best friend Ashley Ellerin were inseparable as young girls growing up in rural New Jersey. It was a friendship that would not only define Murnick’s childhood years, but one she would measure herself and all future friendships against.

The two girls grew apart and eventually, Ashley moved to California to finish high school and Murnick stayed behind on the East Coast. While Murnick attended college in New York City, Ashley moved to Los Angeles, where she lived a life of partying, dating actors, and dabbling in the sex industry. Then, in 2001 at the age of twenty-two, Ashley was found brutally murdered—stabbed forty-seven times—in her Hollywood home.

A captivating murder mystery and an affecting portrait of female friendship, THE HOT ONE: A Memoir of Friendship, Sex, and Murder is Murnick's quest to find out what happened to her childhood best friend and how their paths diverged so drastically. Murnick’s journey takes her through the hills of Hollywood, into courtrooms in Los Angeles, to the strip clubs in Las Vegas where Ashley worked, and back to her own childhood memories as she investigates Ashley’s life and death.

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Refreshments will also be available, because this afternoon will be hot!

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